Take your time

09 Mar

One of the tips on weight watchers is to make it a habit to eat at the table.  It is important to enjoy your meals instead of rushing through them.  This seems like a simple idea and so I decided to make that one of my “routines.”

I have since realized, whoever came up with this idea, does not have children.  Pretty sure that when you have kids, there is no such thing as sitting down at the table, taking your time to eat and enjoying your meal.  The other night, while cooking dinner, my 6 month old was crying (more like screaming) and my 4 year old was running around like a crazy person.  By the time I got them both at the table, my dinner was already cold.

While sitting at the table trying to eat, my 6 month old continued to cry/scream because I was not shoveling his sweet potatoes into his mouth fast enough and my 4 year old was fighting with me over how many bites he had to eat.  Before I knew it, my littlest was done eating and ready to get out of his high chair, my 4 year old was on to dessert, I had gotten up from the table at least 10 times in 15 minutes, and I managed to shovel in my cold dinner so I could get the boys cleaned up (my hubby was not home from work yet).  No wonder I was still hungry right after I finished eating.  It was like I hadn’t eaten at all.

I came to the conclusion that my children are my biggest diet obstacle, (along with part of the reason I have some of the extra pounds I do).  My sweet 4 year old is always offering me bites of his snacks, asking me to get him yummy treats that I shouldn’t be having.  On the other hand my infant always wants to eat when I do, so it keeps me from dipping into the snack drawer as often and my oldest always wants a bite of anything I have measured out a portion size of, he is really great for point control!

If I could have it any other way I wouldn’t.  Every pound I gained while I was pregnant, every snack I have to share or have shared with me, every 2 minute meal, my messy house, it’s all worth it.  They are the most important part of my life and taking care of them gives me a purpose I never thought I would have.

As far as sitting down at the table to enjoy a meal, I’ll let you know how that goes in about 18 years.


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2 responses to “Take your time

  1. Mancakes

    March 9, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    And when they are 7 yrs old you won’t be able to find the table because it will be covered in construction paper, glue sticks, and Legos! 18 is a good and realistic goal. 🙂

  2. 321pounds

    March 9, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    This was super cute.


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