I Survived!

11 Mar

I went for my first run today since I was in high school.  Thankfully I had a great friend to go with me and help motivate me, and believe it or not, I survived!  (I know, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be on here writing this).  We took it a few telephone poles at a time.  We’d run 2-3 telephone poles and walk 2-3 telephone polls.

I headed out around 7:45 this morning (really like 6:45 thanks to daylight savings).  I felt a little guilty leaving with my oldest still in bed and my hubby having spent a long night with an unhappy baby, but I kissed them all on the head (all sleeping when I left) and headed out.  If I waited until the time was perfect for everyone, I could always find an excuse not to go.

We ended up going about 1.8 miles.  I’m a little sore this afternoon, mostly my hips but it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Yes, there were times I was pretty sure I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen, but I didn’t.

I did a great job managing to run the downhill telephone polls and walk the uphills, but I did manage to run 1 hill (not a big one, but a hill)!

Why go running today of all days?  Well, I bite the bullet and signed up for my first 5k and it’s April 7th so I figured I better get to it.  No time like the present!

A follow up to hiding my scale.  I did really good until tonight.  I had to weigh in for my diet bet…Should have left it hidden, up 2 pounds after super sticking to my diet and lots of gym time.  Sigh… that’s why I hid it.  I was feeling awesome this morning about all my hard work and to not see it on the scale when I have so far to go is frustrating.  Oh well!

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