I didn’t want to…but I did

25 Mar

For the first time since I started working out I really did not want to workout.  I’ve been nervous about it a couple of times, the first time I did zumba, the first time I ran, but more than anything, I was excited.

Today, not so much!  I was meeting a friend of mine to hit the road for our weekly run/walk, like we had 2 weeks before.  I don’t know if it was because I knew we were going to go the entire distance of a 5k, or if it was that we were meeting a half hour earlier or what, but I got so far in my own head that I spent much of last night and first thing this morning trying to come up with an excuse for my running buddy as to why I wouldn’t be able to go.  Stomach ache, sore foot, sore from my upper body workout the day before, all true statements but none bad enough to really keep me from going.

I pushed the urge back but even while driving to meet her, I was still trying to come up with a reason why I just couldn’t make it today.  When I got a message from her on the way to meet, I was hoping with all hope she was telling me she couldn’t make it.  She wasn’t…

We started out, and I managed to make it the furthest I have gone so far without stopping to walk (about .4 miles, not much I know but last week I only made it .2, and you gotta start somewhere).  I think maybe because I psyched myself up about it so much, it was the best one so far!

Next weekend is my first ever 5k, and I know that I will have no problem finishing.  My confidence hump today will hopefully give me the confidence I need next week.  I may change my mind by Saturday, but I’m excited for next week.  I’m so glad I went today.

Tonight, I’m pretty sore between my upper body workout yesterday and my run today, but I feel like I accomplished something and I’m so glad I have a running buddy or my butt would have stayed home this morning, that is for sure!

And another positive note, I wore a pair of sweat pants to run today.  They’ve gotten so big, I had to fight to keep them up while I was running.  Note to self, do not wear those pants next week at the 5k!

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