Yes I have lost weight

25 Mar

I find myself finding any excuse I can to brag about how much weight I’ve lost.  I’m like a cheetah waiting to pounce!  I hear the word weight, or diet, or snow (anything really) and I can’t stop myself from blurting out, “I’ve lost 40 pounds!”

Yesterday in church, an elderly woman in the congregation asked me how I was losing so much weight to which I responded, “I’ve lost 40 pounds!”  I think I must have found at least 5 good reasons to say it yesterday.

Today, I went to the store to grab some things and I picked up some light English muffins, (at Shaws, one of the grocery stores around here, their light English muffins are 2 points a piece whereas most are 3), and the checker told me Thomas brand was buy one get one free.  Of course I told her Iw as doing it for weight watchers point reasons and she asked me if I thought it worked, and I said to the total stranger standing in front of me, “I’ve lost 40 pounds since October!”  Then I watched as the woman behind me, the checker and the bagger all smiled in approval and amazement.  On the way out, the checker even wished me luck with my further weight loss.

A few months back, weight was such an embarrassment for me.  Now I’m proud of it!  I want people to know, I’m trying and I’m succeeding.  I also want to keep reminding myself of where I was.

So to all the people out there who I encounter, bear with me when I blurt out, whether it fits in conversation or not, “I’ve lost 40 pounds!”  This will continue until the number goes up past 45!

By the way, I managed to write it 4 times in this one blog!


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2 responses to “Yes I have lost weight

  1. Vinny Grette

    March 25, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Congrats! That’s a lot! I’ve lost 25 and hope to lose 5 or 10 more before things level off… If I get to 40, I’ll be saying, “That’s me done!”

  2. MyMagicPill

    March 26, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    I absolutely understand! I cannot believe how often I manage to tell perfect strangers “I’ve lost 80 pounds, 30 more to go”. 80 pounds ago, I’d never dream of mentioning weight, I probably was afraid to mention I bought x lbs of apples, for fear it would make someone start thinking “hmmm weight… wonder how much she weighs…:” 🙂 But now? I mention it loudly and proudly! And so should you – it is a huge accomplishment!


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