Bet you can’t eat just one…I know I can’t

14 Apr

I have decided one of the reasons I got to the point of over weight that I did is thanks to nibbles.  I am a nibbler.  When my son had left overs, I nibbled on them, when I was at a party I would take just one cookie, and then another, then another, when I had a bag of chips, I’d eat a few, then nibble my way through the whole bag.

The last couple of days nibbling has been a challenge I’ve been facing and I have to say, haven’t been doing too great a job at tackling.  Yesterday I had a Lia Sophia party at my mom’s house.  I did a great job of picking snacks that would be healthy for me.  I got light dip, and fresh veggies.  My mom on the other hand, no so much.  She had a key lime cheese ball with some chocolate dusted pretzels.  It looked so good, and I love cream cheese.  I decided to have just one.  BAD IDEA!  One turned into 2, then 3 and before I knew it, I had eaten my lunch points on cheese ball.  It was delicious, but left me starving for much of the afternoon. 


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Last night when my son didn’t finish his dinner, I found myself picking at his leftovers.  I still managed to stay within my points but not in what I would consider a healthy way.  These are all habits I used to have that I have been trying hard to break.  The problem is, food just tastes so good to me.

The only solution I have found so far, is to avoid the yummiest things all together.  I know I can’t have just one bite of chocolate cake, I want the whole cake and while I start with good intentions, I rarely end that way.  So today it’s back on track.  Back to saving my bites for the stuff that is really going to help fuel me through the day.  Hopefully I will eventually be able to have these kinds of yummy tib bits with a little more self control, but until then I know the best thing for me to do is avoid them.

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