Off the wagon and back on again

19 Apr

it has been a tough week for me.  I even skipped my Weight Watchers meeting Wednesday morning.  Not because I thought I had gained, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I weighed in at home, stayed the same as last week, and figured I’d start over again Wednesday.

Leading up to Wednesday, I hadn’t done horrible, I hadn’t gone way over my points, I just wasn’t in it.  My will power was lacking.  I had a couple of meals last week that consisted of snacks because my one bite turned in to three or four or five, “eating up” my points.  I was supposed to go for a jog on Sunday morning and instead walked the entire 3 miles.  I didn’t push myself, I was just there, going through the motions.  Tuesday night I decided I wasn’t going to my meeting on Wednesday and I might as well go all out before starting over on Wednesday.  We had Chinese food for dinner.  I didn’t even use all of  my flex points, but here I am, 3 days later, still paying for my go for it Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, I woke up and weighed in right around the same as last week.  Since then the number on the scale has been creeping up.  This morning, I’m up 2 pounds from this time last week!  WHAT?!  2 pounds!!  I’d hate to see what happens if I really went crazy and ate all my flex points and my activity points.  Errr!  I can’t give up though.  I have lost 50 pounds so far and I will keep at it keeping this lesson in my head.  Since I usually eat healthy food for my flex points and obviously I need to stick to that.

After a rough week, and my now 2 pound gain, it would be so say to say screw it, might as well let this week be shot too, but that’s how it starts and I can’t let myself get there again.  I cannot give up on myself.  I am human, I slip, I make mistakes and it’s where I go from here that will determine where my life takes me next.

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