Getting Ready for a New Challenge

22 Apr

I added working out to my diet about 3 months ago.  I have loved ZUMBA since the very first time that I went.  It burns lots of calories and for me, it’s fun.  After doing zumba 3 times a week for about 3 months, I think my body is starting to get used to it.  Don’t get me wrong, at the end of an hour, I’m sweating and panting like crazy, but about 5 minutes later after I cool off, it doesn’t even feel like I did anything.

I know I have stepped up my intensity in my work outs at zumba, and I know I will continue to, but I have decided it’s time for a new challenge.  One that is the ultimate challenge for me (if running wasn’t enough of an ultimate challenge).

On Wednesday I’m going to a class called my WOD (workout of the day).  I have to admit I’m terrified.  this class incorporates a lot of the things I hate and have always said I can’t do.  It includes some of the aspects of a CrossFit workout (without the weight lifting aspect).  I see lots of burpees, push-ups, squats, rowing and probably vomiting in my future.

While for some that doesn’t sound like a “fun” workout (myself included) I am ready to push myself beyond the limits of my comfort zone.  I have spent years telling myself I can’t do something, making excuses to not even try.  I don’t want to do that anymore.  I’m ready to prove to myself I am capable of things I never imagined.  I may look like one of the Biggest Loser contestants on the first day in the gym on Wednesday, probably all blacking out and throwing up, but at the end of the day it is my decision to keep going or to give up and I know I can do this. 


I know I’m going to be pushed by the trainers to a point where I quite literally might think I’m going to die, but I won’t, in fact it will add years on to my life.  I’m ready for a new challenge.  I won’t give up zumba entirely because I simply love it too much, but I’m ready!  I’m excited and extremely terrified!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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