Birthday Bash!

30 Apr

I haven’t been able to get on much in the past week.  My son turned 4 and between cleaning and prepping for his birthday party, my workouts and my other son and my husband, that didn’t leave a ton of time. 

In prepping for my son’s Sunday birthday party, I decided to make his birthday cake the day before.  Good thing I did!  Pintrest makes me think that I am crafty, when the reality is, I’m far from it.  I was planning on making a 3-D pirate ship cake.  I found a simple (or seemed to be simple) design on pintrest.  You made 2 box cakes, cut out a ship, piled one on top of the other, and stacked higher on the ends of the cake.  You were supposed to be able to hold it together whatever those big toothpick looking things are called. 

I got the cakes baked and started trying to put them together.  First, the second layer of my cake split.  As I’m trying to frost the cake, praying it will hold up and stay together, my 7 month old is crying and running into me with his walker (over and over again), then as I stacked, the more it split and I watched as the front of the boat separated further and further from the cake, until I helped it the rest of the way into the floor!

My oldest then joined the choir of crying because mommy ruined his cake, my youngest was still running into my heels crying, and running his walker through the cake I had thrown on the floor, I had my head down on my arm crying,  It was spectacular! 

Walmart ended up “fixing” the cake for us.  And by fixing, I mean making.  I figured the $15 was worth my sanity!  He had a great birthday party, and mama resisted the cake, so it was a win win!

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