Time to go Shopping

23 May

Today was a great workout day!  I missed my Wednesday night zumba last night because I had to work.  I haven’t missed a day of zumba since I started going a few months ago unless I was at another workout (or I missed 1 with the flu).  I was feeling pretty awful about not going last night.  Not that I could help it.  I was making some much needed money so there wasn’t a choice.

After I left work, I decided since I didn’t make it to zumba, I would walk to my husband’s work.  We are a one car family and he wasn’t supposed to be out of work for at least a half an hour.  I made it 2 miles before he called to ask where I was so he could pick me up.  I would have made it all the way to his work, but about 5 minutes in I developed a blister on the top of my foot (my shoes were too big and it’s not like I had a spare pair of sneakers with me).

So after feeling pretty lazy yesterday, I decided today I was really going to push myself.  After a day of packing and unpacking (yup, we’re moving!) I went to WOD for an hour.  I did tons of frog jumps, some rowing, some burpees and on and on.  I was so hot and sweaty that even the skin on my arms was bright red.  After WOD, I decided to stay for zumba. 

I do WOD at a different gym than I usually do zumba at, so it was a different place, some different songs and a different atmosphere.  I spent some time getting a little lost of some of the songs I hadn’t done before (and it was harder to hide since it was a smaller crowd) but I managed and it was fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I love doing zumba where I usually do it, but I spent more time smiling, I may have even laughed a time or two, which is unheard of during a workout.

I also had a bit of an I need to go shopping moment.  At they gym I was at tonight, they do zumba in front of a mirror.  There I was in my yoga pants and my 2x shirt, and seeing myself in the mirror I decided it might be time to take this shirt out of circulation.  I’m now wearing a medium to a large so this 2x, as you can imagine is rather flattering. 

I know for me the purpose of a workout isn’t to look sexy, but looking in the mirror, I determined, I have earned all 60 of the pounds I have lost, I deserve to look like it everywhere I go, even if it’s to the gym to get red faced and sweaty.  So I guess it’s time for a trip to Goodwill!

Oh and after all this, I’m up to 220 squats in my squat challenge so I guess I better get my butt up off the couch and get it over with, before my earlier workouts catch up with me.

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