When to Say When

10 Jun

This weekend was not a great weekend for me.  As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we are in the process of moving.  It’s never as easy to stick to a diet when you are not following your usual routine.  Since this weekend was the BIG move, I had packed everything.  By Saturday night, I don’t think there was even any silverware in the house.

This of course lead to the usual move routine of take out.  Friday night was pizza.  I was pretty proud of myself though.  I ended up doing bread sticks and salad bar with light dressing and veggies only.  Was it great for me?  Probably not, but 2 bread sticks and a salad is a FAR cry from a half a large pepperoni pizza.  I’m sure I would have felt better about it had I not missed zumba thanks to packing (and I was totally planning on going Saturday morning but didn’t haul my butt out of bed in time).

Saturday’s lunch and dinner consisted of Chinese food, which for me, is NEVER a good idea.  I just don’t tell myself when to stop.  Because of the amount of points I can have in a day now, in order to get the yummies that I love of Chinese I have to have it for lunch and for dinner.  Since I don’t know when to say when, I end up nibbling at it all day.  For my lunch I had an egg roll, and some chicken and broccoli, planning to save the rest (more chicken and broccoli and rice) for dinner.  Only problem is, with Chinese food, you’re hungry again 5 minutes later, and it just tastes so good, that by the time dinner rolled around, I had eaten 3/4 of my chicken and broccoli and at least half of my rice, leaving very little for dinner.  Since I was still starving (you know at 195 pounds I might waste away to nothing), I ended up eating my husband’s egg roll too.  I only went over my points for the day but 1, but I felt like crap.

Sunday morning was breakfast and coffee at Dunkin Donuts, lunch at a potluck and for dinner I had a salad, fruit and a Smart Ones meal.  In all, I didn’t go over my points by that much and I did have salad twice, but I don’t know if it was the lack of exercise, or all the sodium, but it felt like an awful diet weekend. 

Of course I’m in the last week of a weight loss challenge at work (one I was winning as of last week by 3%) and I had planned on a diet low in sodium, high in fruit and water to help boost me to a victory.  Instead, I feel bloated and blah from all not so good for me food I ate over the weekend. 

I did learn some things this weekend though.  I have decided that my Chinese food consumption is going to become very limited.  I’m hoping it’s like fast food and the longer I go without it, the worse it will taste.  I always have good intentions, I always track and save points for it, but it seems every time, I still over indulge and feel awful after the fact.  It is something I love, but it is something I can live without (because nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right?)  Speaking of fast food, I’m also on a mission to avoid any and all fast food french fries; another food I don’t know when to say when to.  I rarely ever order them (my fast food stops now consist of salad and Subway) but my husband gets them, or my son (my son doesn’t ever eat them) and then I end up munching away.  One turns into 10, 10 into all of them (some of those fries squeaked into my dinner last night too).  Pizza is another food I have learned I have to avoid (specifically the topping, I can take the crust or leave it).  I did pretty good at that this weekend, although I won’t lie, when my son left some on his plate, I did feel the need to pick at it.

I know there are some things that cause weakness in me.  I know I am strong enough to resist, but I also know I have to try harder, especially when my routine is out of whack, because this is life and it does happen.  Either way, I know I’ll feel much better about my weekend after I sweat out some of the salt I consumed at zumba tonight!

P.S. my re-trying of some challenges was once again an epic fail over the weekend.  I will do it!  Tonight it’s squats and mean abs if I have to do them buried in boxes!

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