The Downside of Up

10 Jul

Today was weigh in day and after a 5 pound weight loss last week, I was simply hoping to maintain.  My hopes did not become a reality this week.  Not only did a gain, but it was the biggest gain I’ve had since I started in October.  Until today, I had gained only .2 pounds.  This morning, I stepped on the scale and had gained 1.8 pounds.  OUCH!

I didn’t do anything any differently this week than I always do,  I stuck to my points, avoided eating my activity points and only used 2 of my flex points.  What a disappointment.  I actually considered lying to my Weight Watchers online tracker.  First I thought about putting in just a .1 loss, or the same number as last week.  Then I gave some thought to not entering a weight at all thinking maybe if I wait until tomorrow and drink enough water today, I can get back down to 184.4.

After a few minutes of fighting the devil on my shoulder, I bit the bullet and put in the 186.2.  If I don’t hold myself accountable, nobody will, and that is a dangerous slope to be on. 

It was painful to see that line go up on my weight graph.  Immediately after 1 bad week those thoughts of, “Maybe it’s not working anymore” popped into my head.  Today. I’m doing my best to fight them off and stay on track.  I haven’t experienced this before in my weight loss journey (since my only gain has been .2 pounds) but because of that rough number, I just want to eat it away, and I know that won’t help.

The only thing I can think of that may have thrown off my week is I have drank more of my points this week than I ever have.  My water intake was down while the heat and humidity were up and my attempt to make up for it in the last 2 days was obviously not a success, and my fruit consumption was also down. 

Today, I’m just trying to shake it off.  I know dwelling on it won’t make it any better.

Although I’ve been continuing to lose and had a huge week last week, I feel like I’m losing momentum.  I’m thinking it may be time to head back to Weight Watchers meeting (I took some time off and continued my online membership so I could save money for an additional gym membership) and amp up my workout routine a little bit.  I give it all 3 hours a week in zumba but I’ve missed WOD 2 weeks in a row (can you say withdrawls?) and I didn’t get in a run last week like I had planned. 

I want to be consistently working out 4-5 days a week and as long as I make WOD 1 day a week and run another, I’m getting that but any suggestions to amp up my weight loss workout routine is always appreciated.

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