Fit or Fat Part 2

20 Jul

I was able to catch up with the trainer last night to get a reading on how much of my weight is fat.  I was a little nervous about it but it was so simple.  They have this little machine that kind of looks like bicycle handles.  You put in your height, weight and gender, then hold the handles and it give you a reading.  My BMI was just what I expected, 30.8 (getting closer, since I started at 43) and my fat percentage was 34.9%

I looked it up online after I left the gym and a “healthy” percentage of fat for my age and height is 33%.  I’m so close!  I just wish I had thought to do a read out like this when I started over 75 pounds ago, or had done it when I started going to the gym 40 pounds ago.  It would have been really interesting to see what the number was then.

Now I want one of those little machine things for myself.  I think I’d probably get a little obsessive about checking it after every workout to see if I had gained any muscle.

Speaking of, my WOD yesterday was amazing.  You know you had a good workout when your legs are like jello after the first round, and there were 4.  Today it hurts to sit and lift my arms over my head, but I love it!  Hoping to see a much smaller percentage of fat next time around!

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