It’s a Snacking Kind of Day

12 Aug

Here I sit, at 4 in the afternoon with only 8 points left for the entire day and I’ve had only 8 points left since about 1 this afternoon. 

I started my day with the usual 28 points, and by 10 I had only 17 left.  Oops… I had cereal with fat free milk for breakfast, then a Special K bar, a Fiber One bar and a Weight Watchers yummy peanut, toffee thing. 

So I’ve spent my afternoon munching on grapes and strawberries because even after all my morning snacks and my 8-9 point lunch, I’m still starving!  I do have activity points and flex points that I can use, but I really wanted to keep those out of my mouth this week so I could stay on track to meet my long-term goal (which I have set and not yet shared…soon).  I don’t usually eat many of my activity or flex points, but this past 3 weeks has been really tough for me to stay away from them.

I can do it!  And I won’t starve.  I have a nectarine, a Smart Ones meal for dinner (5 points and all fruit is no points!) and that will leave me with 3 for an evening snack.  Well, kind of… I did eat probably half of my sons french fries at lunch time… so if I was being totally honest, there would be those 3 points. 

At least I have zumba soon to occupy my mind.  I don’t know why, but Mondays I just want to eat!

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