Great Weekend With Family, Not With Food

19 Aug

This weekend was a busy weekend with lots of fun, smiles, laughs, family, friends and FOOD!  It was a tough couple of days to be on the Weight Watchers wagon.

Saturday, we went to my husband’s parents for a family members birthday dinner.  As tradition, my mother in law cooked the guest of honors choice of dinner and desert.  I had planned ahead for the meal since I knew the menu consisted of lasagna and cheesecake.  I brought a Smart Ones meal, and a Smart Ones desert in hopes I could keep the shoveling of lasagna into my mouth to a minimum. 

When it was almost time to sit down to dinner, I decided I couldn’t deprive myself.  If I was going to skip on the cheesecake, I needed to allow myself to have some lasagna or I would have simply eaten my meal and my desert and picked at the rest anyway.

My mother in law had made a zucchini lasagna for my brother in law’s girlfriend, who doesn’t eat gluten, so I decided to try that one since it was 2 points less than the regular.  It was so good, and I’m such a melted, saucy cheese addict that my one piece turned out to be a bit larger than I had planned, however I didn’t do too bad yet since I had enough points left for my dinner.  I had already decided to use 4 flex points for the desert I brought.  In my dinner of weakness, I also had a piece of homemade garlic bread (I have no idea how many points it was), and while cleaning up, I consumed more lasagna.  In all, if I were to guess, I probably used at least 10 flex points on dinner.

Sunday, we headed off for a family day.  We met a friend of mine from college who we rarely get to see.  I started my day doing really well.  We went to breakfast at a house of pancakes and I did an egg beater omelet with veggies and turkey bacon.  I didn’t even eat my entire omelet!  We had packed fruit and sandwiches for a picnic lunch and that lunch was the beginning of a worse afternoon.  I didn’t bother to check to see how many points my wrap was before eating it.  I figured it couldn’t be that bad, right?  Wrong!  It was 5 points just for the wrap, add a point for the turkey, 3 for the cheese and one more for the ranch I put on it and bam!  9 points in a not so filling, not so hearty lunch.  And oh yeah!  I almost forgot, I had a beef jerky.  When you only have 28 points in a day, 11 one 1 meal is a lot.


The kids feeding the deer at the wild life park we went to

That evening we all headed to a fair type festival.  On the way there I had planned to get some chicken fingers or something along those lines, (I was assuming since they have that kind of stuff at fairs and I could have had 3 of them for 9 points), but of course there were none to be found.  So when my husband bought an Italian sausage and a humungous bowl of french fries, I found myself dipping into the fries bowl a lot more than I intended to since I couldn’t seem to find anything else that I could have eaten.  Of course on the way out I found a place selling veggie wraps and I got one of those, but by then the french fries damage had already been done.  To top that off I had a few bites of my hubby’s fried dough.


2 of the hot air balloons at the balloon festival we went to. Had a blast with my friends, hubby and all the kids, but fair food…not such a great idea!


I was really beating my self up over it last night, but I have a fresh outlook this morning.  I may not have followed my diet to the letter this weekend, but I did a lot better than I would have before.  As far as dinner at the in-law’s goes, I would have had a piece of lasagna twice the size of the one I had, at least 2 pieces of garlic bread, which I would have added a bunch of butter to (the piece I had, I ate with no butter on it) and I would have had at least 1 piece of cheesecake, then while helping clean up, I would have still picked and nibbled more.

At the fair, I would have gotten my own big bowl of fries and probably paired it with a cheeseburger and a soda.  I would have made myself 2 wraps at the park for lunch, and I would have shoveled the sleeve of Pringles (which I had none of) without thinking about it.  I would have struggled to walk around the park with my kids and probably never would have even made it to the fair because my feet and legs would have been too tired from spending the morning at the park. 

I know there are some situations I can’t control and there are times I will fall off the wagon or stray a little bit from the plan.  I wish those days would be fewer and further between, at least until I get to goal weight, but I know where I go from here, is how I bounce back from a fall.  Today it’s back to the diet.  Wednesday’s weigh in might not be as kind to me as it would have been, but I can’t change it now.

I have asked my husband to do the cleaning up after dinner at his parent’s house.  My mother-in-law is a great cook, and most of what is on the menu most family dinners, do not even begin to fit in my diet and I practically have to starve myself all day to have a taste of dinner and the nibbling I do after the fact, always puts me over the top.  I’ve also decided I need to start bringing gum with me that I can pop in my mouth as soon as I have eaten my proportioned meal, in hopes I’ll keep some of the tasting to a minimum. 

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One response to “Great Weekend With Family, Not With Food

  1. gemsbyname

    August 19, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    Your post actually mirrors my week to a T! I’ve also had a tough weekend, and have started afresh for weigh in on Wednesday- good luck and stick at it, you’re doing great!


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