Survived a Rough Mommy Weekend

05 Sep

It was a tough weekend for me.  It’s like I blinked and my baby boys were no longer babies.  Where has the time gone and how do I get it back?

Over the weekend, my littlest man turned 1.  I can’t imagine how he went from that sweet little 8 pound baby to a little person full of personality and trouble.  On Sunday we celebrated with his first birthday party with lots of family.  We all enjoyed a great Monday off together (I bought some size 8 jeans!  Thank you Old Navy!)  and then Tuesday I took my oldest to his first day of Pre-K.  When I tucked him in to bed Monday night I just wanted to stay there with him.  I wanted to squeeze my baby and savor that last few hours before I left him to make friends in a room full of strangers. 

I managed to keep it together the night before school picking out his outfit, and I smiled as he hugged me before we left and then I practically ran out of the building so I could sit in the car and have a good cry.  Picking him up that afternoon, seeing his face light up when he saw me and that sweet running hug I got when I picked him up was priceless.  If I ever thought I couldn’t love him even more, I did in that moment.  Hearing his excitement on the ride home was spectacular.  I wish I didn’t have to let him go, didn’t have to let him grow up, and that I could keep him my little boy forever.  But the next best thing to that is getting to watch him grow and discover.

Brother being at school has also opened up some alone time for the youngest that he has never had before. 

I know this year has many great things in store for our family, and maybe goal weight for me!

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