Why do I Dread Running?

06 Sep

I’ve signed up for one more 5K this fall.  Since I’ve been focusing my workouts on Zumba and TRX I haven’t gone out for a run of more than a few hundred feet (we do that at TRX) in about 2 months.  With my 5K only a couple weeks away, I had decided to get back to it.

This week is break week at the Y that I go to.  They take the week off from all classes, so I thought, what a great chance to get back to running.  Now here I am, it’s Friday, and I haven’t been once.  Last night I got out of work in time, had about an hour before I had to pick up my husband or my kids, and I had an argument with myself in my head for about 20 minutes before the lazy side of my brain won out, and I sat on my couch doing nothing instead.

I don’t now why I dread running so much.  The thought of putting on my workout clothes and going to use the elliptical, or go to zumba or TRX; no problem.  Getting on my running shoes to actually go run, is a whole other story.

Maybe it’s because I know as soon as I start, I’m going to want to stop.  Maybe it’s because I know my lungs are going to hurt and the sweat is going to pour off my like crazy.

But why can’t I get past that?  I have before, and every time after I run I feel so accomplished. I’ve been gradually getting faster and it earns me a ton of activity points.  It’s just getting out of my own head about how terrible I am at it and how miserable I’m going to be while doing it.

With only a couple more days left in break week, I’m making a promise to myself that tomorrow morning, before my husband leaves for work, I will get up and I will run at least 2 miles…unless I mange to come up with some other excuse not to between then and now…

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