Getting Comfortable

09 Oct

It’s amazing how safe a routine can become.  Every Monday and Wednesday I spend doing an hour of zumba, every Tuesday and Thursday, I do TRX, I’ve added spin to my Friday routine.  I’ve gotten so used to it now, that I’m afraid to stray from it at all.  I know that I work Monday, Wednesday and half a day Friday, and while I don’t make tons of money and have considered looking for a part-time job where I could make more money, I’m comfortable.  I know I’ll be out of work on time to make it to my classes.  The fear of the unknown keeps me where I am.

It was the same story before I started losing weight.  I was comfortable.  I didn’t want to leave my kids to take time to go to the gym.  My husband loved me the way I was, so what difference did it make if I dropped the pounds?

At what point did I stop taking risks?  When did I start worrying so much about making others happy?  Look at where I’ve come.  If I hadn’t take that first step, gone out of my comfort zone, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  That doesn’t make change any less scarey to me.  It just reminds me, as terrifying as it may be, as hard as it is to admit I might fail, sometimes it’s worth it, and sometimes it’s for the best.

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