Struggling to Find my Way

28 Oct

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how hard it it to lose weight.  As someone who has managed to drop a large number of pounds to this point, I have come to the determination that 15 pounds is way harder than 100.

With a big amount of weight to lose you have the determination and the drive to get the weight off.  For me, I knew it was life or death, happiness or misery.  For me, the pounds came off so much faster 100 pounds ago.  2-3 pounds a week was the norm, and if I had a week that I lost less than a pound, I considered the week a loss. 

At this point in my weight loss, if I lose a pound in a week, I’m ecstatic!  Right now I’m about 12 pounds away from my goal weight.  I’m pretty certain, I’ve been 12 pounds from goal weight for the last 2 months (I’m being dramatic, but it feels like forever).  I go down a half a pound, then up a pound, then back down a pound and I just keep hovering around the 161 mark.

There are a couple of reasons I see this being the case.  I’m happy with my body and my health where it is.  The main reason for my desire to get to goal weight is for the coveted Wight Watchers lifetime membership.  If that wasn’t a goal I set for myself in the beginning, I would say forget it and move on to maintaining on my own.  My doctor offered to “Support me in whatever” I decide to be the best weight for me at this point, She told me if I plateaued, to let her know, and we’d come up with a goal weight number together.  That being said, I think I’ve still got those last 12 pounds I can lose, if I can just figure out the right formula for it.

When I started doing weight watchers, I never used my flex points.  I didn’t feel as thought I needed to, I had plenty to use, and when I started working out in January, I never used any of my activity points either. I kind of felt like it defeated the hard work I was putting in at the gym if I then ate the points I earned.  I was working out to lose weight and get healthy, not so I could eat more.

Now I have found at the minimum daily points allowance of 26 I have to eat some of those extra points.  Not because I’m starving, but my body thinks it is.  If you figure on a given day, I earn 5 activity points, subtract that from my 26 daily and I’m only having 21 per day.  The average point (according to internet sources so take it how you like) is 38-40 calories.  That equals out to about 1,000 a day, no wonder my body thinks it’s starving!  One the days I do zumba, I burn between 550-600 calories!  That leaves me with only 400-500 to survive!  So now I’m trying to find the balance.  Trying to figure out how many activity points I need to eat on the days I hit the gym, and how many flex points to keep the numbers going down.

I feel like I’m eating more now than I have in months.  I feel guilty to splurge, but actually had a week a couple weeks back that a gained 2 pounds in 3 days while not using any flex or activity points than dropped 2.5 in the following 4 days be eating all my flex and activity points.  I’m so confused because the plan I’ve been doing for so long is no longer working for me.  I’m doing a lot of guess and check which isn’t helping put consistent numbers on the scale.

On Tuesday, one of the trainers at the gym I go to has offered to take a few minutes to go over some weight training with me.  At this point, burning all those calories with cardio may not be the best option for me.  We’ll see if I can get the balance figured out.  Until then, it’s more guess and check…and after reading this blog, it appears to be almost as jumbled as my thoughts on my diet!

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One response to “Struggling to Find my Way

  1. DrinkWaterEatOatmeal

    November 2, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    I am super impressed that you’ve lost 100 lbs!! WOW. While I have NOT lost 100 lbs, I am 5’4, have always struggled with my weight, and am currently hovering around 160-162. I really need/want to get to 145. It’s weird, bc, I feel great and my blood pressure/cholesterol and other healthy indicators are are normal and fine. However, theres that pesky BMI thing, and 145 puts me at the high end of healthy. And for the love of all that is HOLY i cannot get back down to 145!! It’s like, trying to find atlantis! I’m working on trying to figure out a plan that’ll get me there, and also trying to mentally change my attitude, as I’ve succumb to the negativity of how ‘impossible’ it has become. Hang in there and congrats on getting healthy! I understand wanting to achieve a goal, but don’t forget what you’ve done and how fantastic your health is now 🙂


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