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Bye Bye Buffer

I’m at my lifetime membership for Weight Watchers and I like to keep a little buffer for myself as far as pounds go.  If I can help it, I like to be at least 5 pounds below my goal weight to allow for different scales and the occasional fluid retention and splurge.  That being said, the past 2 weeks, splurge has been used a bit more and tracking a bit less and all of the sudden, bye bye buffer. 

An analogy I heard from a leader that I have used in my meetings is comparing a bad choice such as a meal or snack as being like spilling milk.  You wouldn’t then pour out the entire jug.  Let’s just say in the past couple of weeks, I have dumped many a jug of milk. 

So it was not a huge surprise to me when I stepped on the scale and the 7 pound buffer I had built was down to 2 pounds (a dangerous place to be since I add at least 1 pound for the Weight Watchers scale).  I know with maintenance, it doesn’t matter if I gain a pound or 5 as long as I’m still below that goal number, but even though I’m happy where I am and OK with not losing any more weight, the idea of gaining evening a pound is not something I want to do, even if it’s just shrinking the buffer I’ve built.  I’m afraid that 5 pounds will lead to 10 which will lead to 20 and before you know it, I’ve slid right back to somewhere I don’t want to be.  So today it’s back to tracking.  No more spilling milk, and if I do spill a drop, I’m not going wild and dumping the whole jug. 


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Confessions of a Snack-aholic

So here I sit, 10:30 in the morning and all the snacks I brought for the entire day are gone!  All I have left in my lunch bag is my sandwich…

This is a problem I face regularly.  I am a chronic snacker.  If it’s there, I will eat it and because I have already counted my snacks into my points for the day, I figure it’s fine.  It is fine, until the mid afternoon hunger pangs start in and I have to add to my already consumed snacks before my stomach eats itself. 

In my job, I can snack at my desk whenever I want to as long as said snack doesn’t require use of silverware.  I get to work at 8 and try to eat breakfast before I leave my house.  So what have I snacked through this morning?  I have had a fiber one bar, a rice krispies treat, strawberries, dill pickles, 2 tangerines, all in 2 hours time and after having oatmeal for breakfast. 

I have tried setting a snack time for myself, but i just can’t seem to stick to it.  I think I need to start packing snacks that take me longer to eat so I can keep my hands busy longer; maybe some gum…  I don’t know, all I know is all this talk about snacks is making me hungry….

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Where Have I Been?

It’s been a while hasn’t it?  I just realized, I haven’t posted on here since the beginning of December!  So let me catch you up. 

I have since my last post, achieved my lifetime membership at Weight Watchers.  It was a slightly early Christmas present for me and since then, I’m still working my way through maintenance.  After so much time of losing, it isn’t easy to switch up the mind set.  If I drop below goal weight and then gain a pound, I have to remind myself it’s ok to do that.  That being said, I have lost a few pounds since switching to maintenance, and while I know it’s ok to gain as long as I stay within range of my goal weight, I still don’t want to.  Right now, I’m about 5 pounds under goal and I’d like to stay that way.  You may think that means I should set a new goal, but I’m not really ready to do that yet, as I’m sure if I set my goal 5 pounds lower, I’d likely just want to be 5 pounds below that.

I have taken over leading one Weight Watchers meeting a week and have filled in for several meetings since completing my training.  It is getting easier and I think my group is getting more used to me, but it is certainly harder than i thought it would be.  Some meetings are easier than others, but no matter the meeting, I love it!  I love celebrating people’s weight loss victories with them, helping them work through the defeats and learning from them. 

Anything else seems to be irrelevant at this point since it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  Happy belated New Year!  Let’s make it a happy healthy one! with hopefully better blogging resolve.

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