Confessions of a Snack-aholic

05 Feb

So here I sit, 10:30 in the morning and all the snacks I brought for the entire day are gone!  All I have left in my lunch bag is my sandwich…

This is a problem I face regularly.  I am a chronic snacker.  If it’s there, I will eat it and because I have already counted my snacks into my points for the day, I figure it’s fine.  It is fine, until the mid afternoon hunger pangs start in and I have to add to my already consumed snacks before my stomach eats itself. 

In my job, I can snack at my desk whenever I want to as long as said snack doesn’t require use of silverware.  I get to work at 8 and try to eat breakfast before I leave my house.  So what have I snacked through this morning?  I have had a fiber one bar, a rice krispies treat, strawberries, dill pickles, 2 tangerines, all in 2 hours time and after having oatmeal for breakfast. 

I have tried setting a snack time for myself, but i just can’t seem to stick to it.  I think I need to start packing snacks that take me longer to eat so I can keep my hands busy longer; maybe some gum…  I don’t know, all I know is all this talk about snacks is making me hungry….

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