Words Will Always Hurt Me

27 May

Oh, the innocence of a child. Today I was taken aback when my 5 year old simply stated an observation that has left me teary. I was laying on my bed and my shirt had ridden up exposing about 2 inches of my belly. He asked me to cover it up, and I have no idea what I was expecting when I asked why but the answer I got stung. He replied with, “it’s so big I just don’t like it.”

There are areas I am more self conscious of than others and my legs and stomach top that list. I have carried 2 babies and 112 extra pounds and while I continue to work at it, I will likely never have a six pack, or washboard abs. I will always have stretch marks and unless I strike it rich, I will always have some skin that will likely never tighten.  I have accepted this yet it still hurt. He appologized when I told him he had hurt my feelings but he was simply stating something he saw as a fact.

This on the heels of a rough dressing room fitting yesterday when I tried on a pair of workout shorts and all I saw was rolls of skin. I usually try to stay positive and try to see how far I have come but sometimes all I see is if I hadn’t gotten so far gone to begin with I wouldn’t have had to make the journey I have and maybe those words wouldn’t hurtso very badly.

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