Temptation at Every Turn

09 Jun

This past few days have been rough.  I finally got rid of that 2 pounds that’s been bugging me for a couple months now and I’m pretty sure I found it again this weekend.  Seemed like temptation was lurking everywhere I turned. 

Saturday was my nephews birthday with was Chinese food and cake (I never used to like cake, but now I LOVE cake!), followed by my grandmother’s birthday party on Sunday.  And like I was saying, back in my bigger days, could have taken cake or left it, but now I just can’t seem to say no.  I want to eat entire cakes worth of frosting and groan with each taste.  The cake on Sunday was nearly life changing, it was that good.

Today I promised to get back on track and I’ve done pretty well so far considering the jelly donuts in the lunch room have been calling my name since about 10 this morning and just when the donuts were almost gone, someone leaves half a carrot cake and did I mention, I LOVE cake?  Please 5 o’clock, get here soon so I can go to zumba and think about something other than delicious frosted treats.

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