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I’ll Take That as a Compliment

I was talking to a friend of mine the other night and she mentioned she had seen my dad in the grocery store.  He had told her I had lost more weight and he just didn’t want me getting too skinny.  Last week, I saw my uncle at church and she said, “I see you’ve lost more weight.” 

The truth of the matter is, I’ve actually gained 5 pounds!  I sit happy and healthy at 112 pounds lost.  I take these comments as a complement.  I see this as a perfect demonstration as to why even though I am at goal weight, my workouts continue.  I work harder now than I did when I was losing.  When I was trying to lose weight, I was completely focused, and while I allowed myself to eat what I wanted, I didn’t want to eat the treats because all that mattered at that point in time was the end result.  Now here I am at the end result and know I have to allow myself to be a human being.  I need to allow myself to indulge every once in a while and my workouts help me to do that.  Not only that, but they make me feel strong, healthy, energized, refreshed, de-stressed and on and on I could go.

Along the same line, out of curiosity, I decided to check my BMI again.  While for my height my max weight should be 150 (which I am 150) the CDC and my insurance company still calls me overweight!  Really?  Why do we have to put everyone into a box?  I know it’s the easiest way to standardize but I find it hard to believe that my xs, size 4 body is overweight.  While my BMI says I’m overweight, my waist-to-height ratio says I’m 1 pants size away from being underweight. 

A friend of mine reminded me of this: ” Instead of BMI we should be measuring our happiness, our strength, our ability to run around with our kids, our confidence in ourselves, our desire to consume real food most of the time and splurge now and then. The government, CDC, insurance companies, and major food producers want us to be constantly herded sheep striving after goals that are either unattainable, unrealistic, and most obvious, unhealthy. I prefer to be a goat, since they eat what they want, do what they want, escape the artificial boundaries around them, and dare to be silly just because they can.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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Thinking I Could Conquer the World

This weekend was my first “long run.” While I consider 3 miles a long run, I know when it comes to training for distance, 3 miles is nothing. I got my 3 miles in on Friday night and Saturday was supposed to be my 5 mile day and while it might have just been excuses, after zumba in the morning (I was the instructor for a fundraiser), it was so hot in my house, I just couldn’t motivate to do it. I knew I’d be out sweating my butt off, only to come home to no relief, so I postponed it.
I knew if I let more than 1 day get away from me, my motivation to get back on training track would quickly disappear. So I got up Sunday morning and decided to head to the Y. While treadmill training is not my favorite thing to do, I knew there would be AC and that was my motivation.
Running on a treadmill has always been a fear of mine. I’m always afraid I’m going to fall off and I always feel like it’s moving too fast for me to keep up. My speed varies a lot when I run, so staying at the steady pace of the treadmill is a challenge in itself. But I did it! I ran on the treadmill and didn’t fall off! I didn’t even feel like I was going to (it’s the simple victories)!
I got my 5 miles in and while I can honestly say I didn’t run the entire thing (I think I might have walked about a mile of it) I didn’t stop and as amazing as it was to me, it got easier the further I went. I have heard people say that once you get past the first 3 miles, it gets easier but I didn’t believe it until yesterday. When I finished my run, I was going about 1 mph faster than I was when I started.
After I stepped off the treadmill, I felt so accomplished. This was my furthest distance and I felt strong, I didn’t feel sore, and I wasn’t nearly as exhausted as I expected. With my 5K time seeming to slow down during this training process so far, I was beginning to doubt I would be able to accomplish my half goal but yesterday boosted my confidence and I know if I keep at it and don’t give up on it, I can get there. I left feeling like I could do whatever I set my mind to, like I could conquer the world, instead I conquered my kitchen and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, while trying to convince my children to stay in the living room. I’m not sure what was the better workout 😉

While the treadmill says 4 I actually went at least 5.25.  I accidentally reset the treadmill about 1.25 miles in.

While the treadmill says 4 I actually went at least 5.25. I accidentally reset the treadmill about 1.25 miles in.

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Zumba for my Best

A couple months back I got my license to be a zumba instructor. I’m super excited to say I’ll be instructing a class this fall 2 days a week. In the meantime, I’m participating in a fundraiser for local families dealing with cancer. I lost my best childhood friend to cancer a few years back. I miss her everyday and am so glad I can be a part of this fundraiser. My cool down song I chose with her in the very front of my mind.
Every time I dance Lace, I think of you and today I will close my eyes and let you surround me and wish for the day you could “beam me up” for just a minute.

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Half Marathon Training’s a Pain

I finally started my half marathon training about 2 months after I said I was going to. I guess better late than never, right? I’m a week in to the training program and already struggling. I was born without a hip socket and when I was a few months old, doctor’s built one for me. My doctor was shocked when I didn’t have a limp as an adult.
That being said, this last couple of days after running 9 miles (3 every other day) in 5 days, I was walking with a bit of a limp thanks to my hip. Tuesday night my entire leg hurt.
So my plan from here is not to give up. The old me would have felt a tinge of pain and it would have been all talked over. While I don’t want to injure myself I want to allow myself the chance to work through it. I took my 2 rest days as I was supposed to, and took them off from everything.
Tonight is a 3 mile run and tomorrow a 5-miler. I’m going to go from there. The training is the most grueling part so I know have have options as far as tweaking the training schedule and such, so we’ll see. Wish me luck. P.S. I’m pretty sure my mile time is actually getting longer and the term “easy run” will never be a part of my vocabulary.

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