A Conversation I never Thought I’d Have

22 Aug

So I had a conversation yesterday I never imagined I would be involved it.  I was talking to someone getting half marathon training advice and she actually suggested I might be over-exercising.  Me?!  I hated to exercise and now I might be doing it too much?  IT is a crazy idea to me, but then, she could be right.

My schedule right now consists of toning zumba on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, TRX Tuesdays and Thursdays, short runs (4-6 miles) on Tuesdays and Fridays and long runs (I’m up to 9 miles this week) on Sundays.  That leaves 1 rest day.  While I’m accustomed to the workouts and I’m never sore, but that doesn’t mean my body doesn’t need time to rest. 

Giving up any of these workouts temporarily while I train for my half marathon is almost as scary to me as the half itself.  I have found workouts that work for me, that I see the results and I feel good doing, so for someone who has had a major focus on weight loss, it’s terrifying.  What if I cut out one or the other and I start to gain?  What if I then can’t get that gain back off?  What if I lose some of the muscle tones I’ve built?  I could go on and on. 

I’m having the same struggle with diet.  I know there are things that can help fuel my running, a big one being carbs.  Weight Watchers focuses on foods higher in protein and fiber, lower in fat and carbs.  This is a diet that has worked for me.  I’m super nervous about bringing more of those into my diet.  On the bright side, some of those foods (wheat breads, pastas, cereals) I eat anyway but can really help fuel my runs.

On the flip side of that, since I started my training I have gained about 5 pounds.  Not what you’d expect when burning that many calories.  I tell my Weight Watchers members on occasion they may not be eating enough, and I think I myself have fallen into that category, but because of my fear of gaining more, I’m terrified to eat more.  Ahh! All about simple science… I don’t think so.

On a different but similar note, I am now not just running half marathon distance, I am now running a half marathon.  My race is on September 28th and while my focus for my training has been on distance not time, I’m having to switch that focus because there are time limits for the race and the half-way point.  Here’s hoping I can get those times down since I have NEVER been a fast runner, but then again I NEVER thought I’d be involved in a conversation about over exercising either.

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One response to “A Conversation I never Thought I’d Have

  1. cicerunner

    August 25, 2014 at 10:28 am

    A few thoughts prompted by your post:
    First up congratulations on entering a half marathon event rather than simply running the distance with friends; in addition to whatever tangible reward you promise yourself you’ll also have the reward of an official time and it’ll be a PR/PB (personal record/personal best) since it’s your first half marathon event. You might also have a medal and a few other goodies to show for your efforts; this varies from event to event.
    Also re your weight gain of 5 pounds; don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat! If you’re training well (and it sounds like you are) you’re likely to be losing fat and gaining muscle. I’m guessing you take other measurements (waist, hips etc) and you may find that these aren’t increasing much or at all even if your weight has. Don’t focus too much on weight, although I realize weight loss is your primary goal, if you’re getting stronger, fitter and healthier a minor fluctuation in weight really isn’t an issue.
    I understand your caution around carbs, but as a runner you do need fuel and without it your training will not be as effective. Carbs, particularly wholewheat pastas and wholegrain rice, bread etc are excellent fuel and absolutely necessary now that your runs are up to 9 miles!
    By the way, from what you’ve written I don’t think you’re necessarily exercising too much. There seems to be a good balance between high intensity (running) and medium/low intensity exercise. If you’re feeling well, not excessively tired and you’re enjoying it carry on I say. Equally if there’s a time when you do feel too tired or a little under the weather choosing to miss a day or two of workouts isn’t the start of a slippery slope. You’re in control remember 😉
    Well done, I’m looking forward to your next post! Keep up the training and the blogging 🙂


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