I Hate to Love Cupcakes

29 Apr

I’m three days sober from the food intoxication I’ve been in for the last nine months and today is my oldest son’s birthday.  We all know what that means… cupcakes, cake, frosting and I LOVE frosting.  I could sit down and eat an entire bowl of frosting and my world would be a better place.  That is until I have to answer to my waistline.

I admire the mother who can make sweet treats for her family and not taste test one or two or three, but I’m not that mother.  The first time around I was.  I didn’t let anything pass through my lips that was not on program.  This time, not so much.

So this afternoon I made cupcakes; chocolate with marshmallow frosting.  I didn’t say no entirely, but when my wagon got a flat, I didn’t slash the other 3 tires.  We talk about this all the time in my WW meetings.  If you got a flat, you wouldn’t slash the other 3 because that would just be stupid.  I wanted to so badly, I wanted to say who cares I’m licking the bowl and the spoon and eating the 3 extra cupcakes we have, but I didn’t.  I had a bite of my son’s cupcake, one of my husbands and I licked the spatula once (I could have a lot more!)  Baby steps.  No one changes overnight.  We’ll see if I manage to do the same tomorrow at his birthday party…

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