It’s the Small Victories

25 Nov

The thing about weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is we all want results yesterday. For all of diet time, we’ve been taught that the more calories you cut and burn, the more drastic the changes, the quicker the pounds will fall right off.

If only that were true… There is SO much more to it than that. It is not as simple as burn more, eat less, lose more. First, your body needs a certain number of calories everyday in order to perform the basic functions that it needs to perform. Under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist, less calories can be consumed but it is important to be supervised so you know what foods to eat when. Otherwise, you may find the opposite of weight loss if you are not getting enough.

So the original point of my post, before I saw a squirrel and started jumping all over the place, is sometimes making one small change here and there can add up to big results. Something as simple as changing from creamer in your coffee in the morning to milk, or a couple more bottle of water.

So here are some of the small changes I’ve made over the last couple of weeks that may not have showed on the scale yet, but they have helped me to inspire myself to keep going.

First: WATER! I’m so horrible at drinking water. I’m sure if you look back through my blogs, you will see me make mention of this. I probably spend 99.9% of my time in some state of dehydration. I’m not really a soda or a juice drinker either. So what do I drink? Nothing… I might have a can of Diet Pepsi, maybe a half a bottle of water (mostly on the days I teach Zumba) and I may have a glass of milk with dinner or (let’s be real here) with cookies after dinner. This past 2 weeks, I have made water a no excuses, no choice option. I may not be drinking all that I am supposed to (did you know you are supposed to be drinking half your body weight in ounces?!) but I am drinking a TON more than I was.

Here is how I’m doing it. First thing in the morning, before I allow myself a cup of coffee, I force myself to drink a bottle of water. Right now I’m on 16 ounce bottles, but hoping to graduate eventually to 20. Next, when I want a snack (which is often) I force myself to drink another bottle of water. I know a bottle sounds drastic but because of how much I hate drinking water, it lets me off the hook for a while when I drink the whole bottle at once. I really just want to get it over with. Same with before a meal.

This has not only resulted in getting the minimum of 64 ounces a day (I’ve already had 48 today and it’s only 2) but it has also helped me to cut back on snacking. I know that sometimes when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty but I never really believed that until now. It has made it so much easier to stay on track with my Weight Watchers points and I know my hair and skin will thank me eventually as well.

Second: PREPARATION! It is that time of year where being prepared every where you go is key. There is literally, food on every counter and corner, and it’s not fruit and veggies, we’re talking candy and cookies. I’m not usually much of a candy and cookies kind of girl unless I’m trying not to eat them, which of course, right now means I want all the cookies and ALL the candy. If I’m prepared and can account for it before I’m over my points budget or plan a way to keep myself from partaking, I’m in so much better of a situation than just asking myself for forgiveness later.

Here’s some examples. I knew there was going to be cake and pizza at my nephews birthday party. I tracked a piece of pizza before I left home, and brought gum with me. When I got there, I went straight for the goodies that I knew the points value of and had some of those first. I had 1 piece of pizza and then popped a piece of gum. Pizza and cinnamon do not make a yummy combo, trust me, I have tried. This past weekend, my son had a cast party for his school play. Again, pizza and cake. This time, I had my husband bring me baked chicken and corn. I allowed myself the topping off of 1 slice of pizza (the topping is my favorite part) and then I ate my chicken and I did not leave hating life and completely unlunch satisfied.

There are times we cannot plan and prepare for i.e. this morning when my refrigerator was bare if you ignored everything for Thanksgiving. I tossed back my bottle of water and my coffee and treated myself to pepperoni for breakfast. May not have been the healthiest, but it was better than stopping at McDonald’s, right? It is all about decisions and balance. We are human being after all and one small change is so much better than no change at all.

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