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No, I am not Pregnant!

I’ve been having a recurring dream.  The last couple of months, and for the last 3 nights, I have dreamed I’m pregnant!  Wait a minute?!  I’m not even sure I want to have more babies, so why is it they keep finding their way in to my dreams?

I have 2 beautiful boys.  One is going to be 4 and one is 6 months.  When our first was 6 months old, since I had a tough time getting pregnant, we decided to start trying again.  Probably a good thing we did since it took us more than 2 years.  But this time around, with our son 6 months old, I am most def not ready to start “trying” again. 


There are days when I think maybe I want to have another baby.  I would love to have a baby girl as I am rather outnumbered in my house.  And for me, I have always wanted to have a little girl who would hopefully look up to me and share a closeness like I do with my mother.  I would love to put hair up in pig tails and go shopping for dresses.  The times when I want another baby the most is when I see baby girls out and about with their mom’s.  Babies grow up so fast and are only babies for a blink.  But then, knowing my luck, it wouldn’t be a girl since there is no way to guarantee and I’d end up even more outnumbered (not that I’m not thrilled with my 2 boys.  I wouldn’t change a thing, they are the most amazing things I have ever done).Image

I loved being pregnant and as strange as it sounds, I loved labor (I did have an epidural with both babies, making it much more enjoyable).  There is nothing in this world like giving life to another person.  The thought of never feeling a baby move inside my belly does make me sad. 

On the other hand, I am working really hard to get my body back to a place I can be proud of.  I’m working to get my health to a place where I can be the type of mama to my boys that they so deserve.  Getting pregnant doesn’t really fit into that plan.  I feel like it is time to think about me!  I feel selfish when I say it like that, but how can I bring life to another human being if I’m not living myself? 

So out of curiosity, I decided to do an internet search for dream interpretation.  I had read somewhere many years ago that dreaming about being pregnant either meant you were or you wanted to be.  Since neither of those apply, the one I found online today made perfect sense.  I found this on

To dream that you are pregnant symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing.” 

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