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A French Fry Kind of Weekend

I have posted before about my inability to resits french fries.  You might think that after several months of the same healthy eating style that I might find it easier to resist.  I can say, for me, that certainly is not the case.

For some reason, I always think I can eat just 1 french fry.  This one fry leads to 10 plus.  On Sunday I ate several cold and doggy fries left over from one of my parent’s take out lunches.  You wouldn’t think that cold, soggy fries would be so hard to resist, but I thought I was going to have to dump them on the ground and step on them, since just dumping them on the ground wouldn’t have been enough (I probably would have looked around to make sure no on was watching and eaten them off the ground). 

Later the same day, I ordered dinner (take out, it was that kind of weekend too) for my son.  His came with french fries.  I had ordered a salad with light dressing.  Yay!  That was until I opened my sons meal and smelled the crispy, greasy goodness and proceeded to eat half of his fries. 

My will power is so strong in some cases.  I spend days, weeks, months avoiding those foods that are bad for me.  Sometimes they are sitting right in front of me in my home and sometimes I go out to the kitchen to get some for my husband, and yet I still manage to pass it over.  Then there are times when I could just sit down and eat every last bite.  When it comes to fries, I could probably eat my own and everyone else’s at the table. 

I know I will have to face these foods on a regular basis.  I know I will have to learn when to say when and when to say no.  I have learned a lot of that in the past few months.  But there is just something about french fries.  Lord please keep me out of the french fries!

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