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Reflections in the Mirror

I was reading something the other day about maintenance and how after the newness of weight loss has worn off, you start to feel like you’re getting heavier again.  While your weight may not have moved an ounce on the scale, you start to feel like you’re putting back on some of the pounds that you’ve lost.  I’ve been fighting that feeling for a few weeks now.  I got t my goal weight back in November and was thrilled with that, then decided I had 5 more pounds I could lose, then 5 more… I’m not 10 pounds under my goal and while the scale hasn’t moved, I feel like I’ve gained.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to losing.  For the past year and a half, every time I stepped on the scale I wanted the number to be going down…maybe I’m searching for the sense of accomplishment I always got when I had a good weigh in.  Whatever it is, I find myself content for a couple weeks, then wanting to take off a couple more, then maybe a couple more.  It’s got me thinking, will I ever be totally satisfied with my own body image?  Will it ever be enough?


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Bye Bye Buffer

I’m at my lifetime membership for Weight Watchers and I like to keep a little buffer for myself as far as pounds go.  If I can help it, I like to be at least 5 pounds below my goal weight to allow for different scales and the occasional fluid retention and splurge.  That being said, the past 2 weeks, splurge has been used a bit more and tracking a bit less and all of the sudden, bye bye buffer. 

An analogy I heard from a leader that I have used in my meetings is comparing a bad choice such as a meal or snack as being like spilling milk.  You wouldn’t then pour out the entire jug.  Let’s just say in the past couple of weeks, I have dumped many a jug of milk. 

So it was not a huge surprise to me when I stepped on the scale and the 7 pound buffer I had built was down to 2 pounds (a dangerous place to be since I add at least 1 pound for the Weight Watchers scale).  I know with maintenance, it doesn’t matter if I gain a pound or 5 as long as I’m still below that goal number, but even though I’m happy where I am and OK with not losing any more weight, the idea of gaining evening a pound is not something I want to do, even if it’s just shrinking the buffer I’ve built.  I’m afraid that 5 pounds will lead to 10 which will lead to 20 and before you know it, I’ve slid right back to somewhere I don’t want to be.  So today it’s back to tracking.  No more spilling milk, and if I do spill a drop, I’m not going wild and dumping the whole jug. 


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Maintenance Mess

At this Wednesday’s weigh in, I’ll be 4 weeks into my 6 weeks of maintenance before I get the coveted lifetime membership at Weight Watchers.  I’ll be 4 weeks in, but I make no guarantees I won’t be starting over. 

I underestimated how difficult this was going to be.  Be obtain lifetime membership, I need to stay within 2 pounds one side or the other of my goal weight. 

It has not been easy to switch gears.  After more than a year of tracking every single thing I put into my mouth, every single day, It’s been about a week since I tracked anything more than breakfast.  I’ve managed so far to stay within .4 pounds of my goal for 3 weeks, but I have to say, this week, I’m worried.

I do really well during the day, but from about 5 o’clock on, I can’t seem to stay on track.  There’s that little voice in my head saying, “You’re not trying to lose anymore, you’re on maintenance, that one Oreo isn’t going to make or break you.”  Which it won’t, it’s the second Oreo, the milk to go with it, and the snack that follows later.

Today I’m back at it.  I’m telling myself, I’m here to lose over the next few days.  At this point, I don’t think I’ll be over my 2 pounds of wiggle room, but I don’t want to be so close I have to worry.  Tonight is a double duty workout with zumba followed by TRX (it’s a holiday week so no TRX classes on my usual Tuesday and Thursday morning). 

I will stay on track today and I will be within the 2 pounds of my goal weight.  I can do this.

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