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I Think I’ve Lost my Ever Running Mind

Anyone who has read any of my blogs is well aware that I don’t consider myself a “runner.”  I guess that is about to change.  Last year I set a goal for myself to run a 5K without stopping to walk and I told myself, once I accomplished that, I didn’t care if I never ran again, ever!  I’ve dreaded running this season, but I have a couple of 5Ks I’m already planning to do, so I knew I had to get out there.  Unlike last year, after my first run this past weekend, I felt good; I felt strong, and since I’ve already run a 5K, I wanted to set my goal for myself a little higher this year. 

My little higher went a little higher, and then a little higher, and now here I am, setting my mind on a half marathon.  Just typing the words chokes me up.  I’m terrified.  I’m not a fast runner, I’m not a strong runner and I dread running for the same reason I force myself to do it; it challenges me.  It challenges me more than most other types of physical activity.  I have to beat my brain when I run, and that is tougher than the act itself. 

So here’s my plan, as it stands right now, depending on how my training goes.  There is a local 5K this weekend, which I’m pretty sure I’ll end up doing, then from there, I want to run at least 6 miles a week for a couple of weeks.  I’m not following any type of training plan, just my own body at this point.  I figure 2 5Ks a week will push me further than I’ve pushed myself before when it comes to running and I’ll work my way up from there.  I have my sites on a 6-miler in July and by then I should be good to go the 6 miles.  Right now I have my sites set on a half in September.  I figure that will give me plenty of time to train even with my excuses, because you know there’s not a very big window of it being warm enough to run before it’s too hot to run. 

I wanted to put this out on my blog because it will help me stick to it.  Right now, I’m excited about the idea but I know along the way my excitement will fade a bit until right before my races.  I am fully aware I will be racing against myself, and I can’t wait to win. 

Note: My ultimate goal (for next year) is to do a marathon.  I started my weight loss journey at 262 pounds, so it seems very fitting I would run 26.2 miles.  This year, it’s training for the half and as soon as next spring hits, I’m training for the whole thing.  Wait a minute, who am I?


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