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Fit or Fat

I’m getting really excited to get “weighed” tonight!  After zumba, one of the trainers is going to do my body fat/muscle measurements.  While I wish I had something to compare to, I’m really anxious to see where I stand with my muscle mass.

I know 8 months ago there was not a lot of muscle mass on my body.  I’m also really interested to see how close I am to a healthy BMI by that measurement.  Right now, I’m still considered obese.  Only by .8, but still…  That number is down a lot from where I stared.  I started with a BMI of 43.6 and am now at 30.8. 

That being said, I am wearing the same size I wore in high school, but am still tipping the scale at about 25 pounds more than high school.  I’m working out 3-4 times a week and know that my body make up is totally different than it was when I started.

If it actually happens tonight, I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m a little nervous that it’s going to be higher than I expect but I just have to remind myself it’s lower than it was. 

According to my weight, I would have to lose more than 36 pounds still to be a “healthy’ BMI, so it will be really interesting to see where I stand.

On another note, I finally got my 75 pound barbell at Weight Watchers today.  I got there before July 4th, but then had a gain (which still kept me at over 75) but just didn’t have the funds to make it to a meeting.  I finally did today, and while it might just be a small dangle on my key chain, I so thrilled!


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Still Obese but not Extremely

We had health assessments at work today.  I was really interested to see what my BMI was since I have lost 52.7 pounds (2.7 this week!).  I was not surprised to see that my BMI was at 33. 

That got me thinking about what my level was when I started back in October.  I did a quick search for an online BMI calculator.  After just a few seconds I discovered, my BMI started at 43!  In fact, webmd told me to “Take Immediate Action!”  6 months ago, I sat plumply at extremely obese. 

I am still in about the middle of the “obese” section, I’m only 3 away from just being “overweight” and 8 away from Normal.  I have lost more than I have left to.  I’m on the right track, and when (not if) I get to goal weight, I will be sitting pretty in the pretty green section of the BMI chart.

I never want to be in the red again, and I won’t be.  When you’re being told at the age of 28 to “take immediate action” it’s a real eye opener.  I have a long way to go, for sure, and while my goal weight is still 60 pounds away (I’m a little less than halfway there), I’m more than halfway to a healthy BMI.

Another big accomplishment today, I survived my first WOD!  It was not nearly as horrible as I thought it would be.  It was by no means easy, and it most certainly gave me a different challenge than zumba does.  I was sweating within just a few minutes, and had to push myself hard to finish.  We keep track of our own numbers so it would have been easy to miscount to shave off a few, and believe me, I thought about it, but I knew the only one I would be cheating if I did, was myself.  In fact while doing mountain climbers I lost count a time or two and I’m pretty sure I did several extra because of it.

I will say I have never done so many squats in one workout before, I haven’t done more than 10 pushups at a time since high school (I did wall pushups today, but still, 10 has been my max in the last 8 years), I did exercises I haven’t done since grade school (mountain climbers) and was introduced to an exercise known as the “man maker.”  There are videos of this on youtube, I watched some…mine looked nothing like that!  Pretty sure mine were in slow motion with my butt up in the air.  We were supposed to get a 1 minute break after those, I’m pretty sure I took a 1 minute break in between each one.

Tonight I certainly feel like I worked out today.  My legs are tired and a little achy and a bit like jelly, my arms are a little sore (driving a manual transmission car home was interesting) and I’m sure tomorrow morning it will be worse, and probably Friday morning will be even worse than that, but that means I did something.  I really worked muscles that I haven’t been working. 

And I will def be going back!  My schedule is hectic in getting there for the right times, but I know for sure I will be there Monday.  My goal is to go from Zumba 3 days a week and running 1 day to Zumba 2 days, WOD 2 days and running 1.  I would love to do WOD more often but for now, my work schedule just doesn’t allow it.  I say this now, I very well might change my mind when I try to get out of bed tomorrow morning.


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