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Wanted to Share

I wanted to share the news story from the amazing 5K I did over the weekend.  This was such an amazing experience!  The before picture of me in this story used to make me sick to my stomach, now I look at it and see how far I’ve come, and I’m proud that that woman in that picture had the courage to look herself in the mirror and say, I deserve more than this.

Feel free to watch the video by clicking here!

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I Think I Can

This coming weekend is what will likely be my last 5K until next spring.  If you’ve seen any of my past posts about running, this is not my favorite activity, but when I started running for the first time this spring, I set a goal of running an entire 5K without stopping to walk.

I was on quite a roll for a while and have managed I think four races so far this year.  One of the last ones I did, I was so close to that goal I thought it would be a cake walk to accomplish my goal.  Now here I am, at the end of September, with one last 5K  I’m signed up for and I have yet to accomplish that goal.

The first 5K’s that I ran I didn’t really do any training.  I went for one run a week and when I started I couldn’t even go a mile without stopping to walk.  At one point, I knew I could go 2.5 miles, no problem without stopping to walk, and then I stopped running.  Apparently even once a week was better than no at all.  This past couple of weeks I have tried really hard to get back in the swing and to get my distance back up there.  At this point, I’m back up to 2.3 miles, but I’m struggling.

I think a lot of my problem is in my own head.  I know it is going to be mind over matter, or mind over body.  I know I am capable, but I’m just getting in my own way.  I can do this.  Whether I hit the road again before my race or not, I am capable.  I just have to keep reminding myself, I can do this.  I am strong and I’m certainly stronger than I was 3 months ago.  I’ve got this…right?


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The Week After Break Week

Last week was break week at the Y where I do most of my working out.  They are still open, but none of the classes are held.  I was planning to take break week to train for my 5K I have coming up in a few weeks, but that plan didn’t work so well.  I ended up taking most of break week as a break week for myself as well.  I did spend about a half an hour total at the gym, went for a run with my sister, but otherwise, it was pretty lazy.

This week it was back to it full force.  Zumba on Monday felt amazing after my Sunday run.  All my muscles were so tight, it stretched everything back out.  Later that night, for the first time in a long time, I was sore after zumba.  Once all those muscles tightened back up, ugh.

The next day it was TRX (Cardio Blast), and for the first time since I started doing TRX, I thought I might not be able to make it the entire class, and it was about 10 minutes shorter than usual.  Wednesday, I was sore, all over!  I didn’t make it to zumba that night because we didn’t have a sitter, but I was at TRX bright and early Thursday (holy sweaty workout!)

This morning I hauled my butt out of bed and managed a 2.3 mile run.  It wasn’t the 2.5 miles I wanted, but it’s better than nothing (another run on Sunday!  I will run the entire 5K on the 29th without stopping to walk!) Then at lunchtime did some toning zumba.

I’m tired, but I feel like I have more energy than I did last week sitting at home.  I missed it!  Never thought I would, but I did.  That being said, next break week will not be a break week for me.  Too quickly my body reverts back to lazy and then that restart the next week is so much harder.  Just have to keep the momentum moving forward!

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Fit or Fat Part 2

I was able to catch up with the trainer last night to get a reading on how much of my weight is fat.  I was a little nervous about it but it was so simple.  They have this little machine that kind of looks like bicycle handles.  You put in your height, weight and gender, then hold the handles and it give you a reading.  My BMI was just what I expected, 30.8 (getting closer, since I started at 43) and my fat percentage was 34.9%

I looked it up online after I left the gym and a “healthy” percentage of fat for my age and height is 33%.  I’m so close!  I just wish I had thought to do a read out like this when I started over 75 pounds ago, or had done it when I started going to the gym 40 pounds ago.  It would have been really interesting to see what the number was then.

Now I want one of those little machine things for myself.  I think I’d probably get a little obsessive about checking it after every workout to see if I had gained any muscle.

Speaking of, my WOD yesterday was amazing.  You know you had a good workout when your legs are like jello after the first round, and there were 4.  Today it hurts to sit and lift my arms over my head, but I love it!  Hoping to see a much smaller percentage of fat next time around!

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Really Hit the Ground Running

The other day I went out for a run for the first time in over 3 weeks.  I shocked myself at how I did.  I was expecting to be dragging but I pushed myself and I felt great afterwards.

My exercise routine was a little thrown off this week because my hubby and I went to a concert on Friday night.  That meant no zumba.  I had told myself I would get up on Friday morning and run.  That didn’t happen.  I’m just not a morning workout person.  Don’t get me wrong, I can hit the gym in the morning, I just can’t haul my butt out of bed to do it.

So I decided to do a 5k on Saturday morning.  It was a spur of the moment decision, but I knew if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t get my exercise in and then I would feel crumby all weekend.  So I laced up my shoes and headed out.

It was hot.  Not super hot, prob 70-75 but in the sun I was sweating before the race even started.  I was feeling a little intimidated knowing it was a hilly run.  Even the experienced runners were talking about the steep hills.  Let’s just say I was not expecting much.  My goal for the day was to beat the time from my last 5k, and since it was my worst 5k time, I figured I should be able to do that.

I have an app on my phone that tells me how far I’ve gone, how long and my average mile pace.  The first time her voice toned out at the 5 minute marker, I thought she must have been tracking someone else.  My fastest mile time has been about 13:30-14 minutes.  She said my average mile time was 12:28 seconds.  I was certain she was wrong.  Of course I slowed down as I went and hit that 13-14 minute average soon there after, but at that point I didn’t even feel like I was running any harder or faster than any other time.

The hills were most definitely brutal.  This was not my race to run the entire distance without stopping to walk.  I have gone more than 2 miles without stopping to walk and I barely made it to 1.5.  The turn around was right after a brutally steep hill and I managed to run up half of it but I knew if I didn’t walk, I might not live through the rest of the race (of course that’s an exaggeration but at the time a perfectly logical excuse).  I slowed to walk a couple more times after that.  I wish I hadn’t stopped the first time since it was so much harder getting started again after that, but when I finished the race I was proud of myself.

I shaved more than 6 minutes off my last 5k time and more than minutes off my fastest.  While 43:34 is not fast to a lot of runners, it is to me.  I have been amazed by that time since Saturday, and while I have never been a runner and always dreaded it, I’m really starting to love the accomplishment I feel when I meet or exceed a goal I set for myself. 

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On the Run Again

The last few weeks have been crazy busy for us.  Moving has been an easy excuse for me to skip out on my runs.  I’ve managed (for the most part) to keep up with my workouts, but it has been over 3 weeks since I have even attempted to go for a run.  There have been a couple of times I’ve said i was going to try, but it got pushed back by one excuse or another.

I had come so far in the time I was running (far for me, anyway) and when I forced myself out the door, I thought I was going to have lost all the progress I had made.  Before my hiatus, I was running 2 miles at a time, not fast, but running.  In the new place we’re living, it is really easy to just walk out the door and run. 

So that is what I did last night when my hubby got home from work.  It was starting to get dark, but I decided the most it would be is 30 minutes and that was plenty of time.  I had made excuses long enough.

I found myself back in a similar position as a few months ago.  I took about 5 steps and wanted to stop.  I quite honestly thought about turning around after less than a quarter of a mile.  It Sucked!  My legs started to hurt, my lungs were burning and I was less than 5 minutes it.  There was no way I was going to make it a mile, much less 2. 

Then oddly enough, it got better.  Once I made up my mind I was not turning around until it got too dark for safety it was almost as it the suck was a little less.  I broke my own record for my fastest mile time since high school.  It was laughable to most runners (13:53), but it was less than 14 minutes and considering the last 5k I did, took me more than 48 minutes, that’s not bad at all. 

My run keeper app has been a great motivation for me and as always once I hit the mile marker, I slowed down (probably before that, but anyway).  So when my app went off saying my average mile time was 14:07, I wasn’t surprised, but I decided I didn’t wanted to finish strong.  I made a goal for myself to have my average time be faster in the next 5 minutes than it was at the 15 minute mark.

So I did my best to maintain my speed and I’m pretty sure I looked a bit like Rocky when my app went off saying at 20 minutes my average time was faster, barely, but faster (14:03)!!!!

So I kept going.  I started using the cracks in the road to motivate me.  I’d jog one at a normal pace, and dig hard through the next one.  It made the time go by faster, and when my app went off at 25 minutes, my average mile time was 13:56!  I was psyched.  I was exhausted, but I was super psyched. 

I didn’t make it the 2 miles I wanted to.  It got dark and towards the end of my run my I was questioning my safety.  I made it 1.85 miles.  Not bad for having not run in more than 3 weeks.

And while I started out my door dreading going, I had fun trying to beat my own time.  I was proud of myself when I walked through the door (TMI alert: and I was so sweaty, my husband asked me if it has started raining).  Not only that, but according to my app, when I finished I was on a pace of a 12:49 mile.  That is amazing for me since I ran a 12 minute mile in high school.  I proved to myself, my body is capable and I can do more than I think I can.  I was convinced I wouldn’t make it a mile and I made it almost 2 in my best time since I started running.  And I proved that the excuse I was trying to make (it’s been so long and I’m not going to be able to go as far as I did before) is not acceptable and when you set your mind to something, it’s not necessary.


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Death By Burpees

Part of yesterday’s WOD was death by burpees and I was in fact quite certain I was going to die.  It starts with 1 burpee in minute one, then 2 burpees in minute 2 and so on until you can’t get the given number done in the amount of time you have. 

The beginning was so easy.  One burpee then almost a whole minute of rest, but as the amount of burpees goes up, the rest time goes down.  All I kept thinking to myself was, “I cannot be the first one to not make it to the next round.”  When the numbers got higher, and I wanted to stop, or take a longer break between, or got down on the floor and didn’t think I could get back up, I just kept telling myself that.

Thankfully I lived through 8 rounds and was 1 shy of finishing the 9th round.  The best part of that was, everybody stuck at that level (other than the trainer of course).  I may have only done 44 burpees in 8 minutes, (only?! That’s a lot!) and I might have thought I was going to lose my lunch, but I didn’t give up.  Even in the last minute when she said there was 20 seconds left and I knew I wasn’t going to get the 9 I needed, I still kept trying, and all those burpees were a lot easier than they would have been 70 pounds ago. 

ImageThis morning when I went to get out of bed, I noticed a great big bruise on my knee.  Apparently I was so wrapped up in accomplishing my goal, I didn’t notice I banged my knee on the floor.  It isn’t a pretty bruise but I’ll take it.  One of my friends said “If there are no bruises, you didn’t go hard enough.”  I gave it all I had last night and as usual when it comes to WOD, I can’t wait to do it again next week!

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