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A Taste of Spring Before the Return of Winter

New England has really had one heck of a winter this year; below normal temperatures, above average snowfall… and now it’s spring on the calendar but it appears mother nature has yet to get the memo.  Today it’s mix, snow, sleet, freezing rain, yesterday was torrential rain with the occasional burst of freezing rain, but Saturday… it was gorgeous.  It was about 50-55 degrees, sunshine and blue sky.  I actually went out without a coat on and took my son’s off after a bit out and about.  It was a pleasant reminder, spring is finally on the way.

It was also a day of no excuses.  My husband was out of work early and I had no good reason not to head out for a run.  I haven’t run really at all since September, after finishing my last 5K of the season.  I like to use any reason I can as an excuse not to run.  I enjoy the benefits of it, the feeling of accomplishment after, but the act itself, I’m just not a fan, so all winter, my reason has been, I’m afraid of running on a treadmill.  That is no lie, I’m terrified. 

Last season, I would often run by my house, but the road is flat, heavily traveled and boring so I decided to take a different route for my run Saturday.  It was beautiful.  The snow was melting, water flowing over the rocks, ducks on the water; next time I’ll have to take a picture.  After taking the entire winter and most of the fall off, I expected to make it a couple hundred feet before I felt like I was dying, maybe a few telephone polls; but I surprised myself.  I went 1.7 miles without stopping to walk, and while the pace wasn’t fast (12:25 per mile) it wasn’t that much slower than my nearly 12 minute mile from the fall.  I’m pretty sure I could have gone further if I hadn’t been back to my car.  It actually felt good, the WHOLE time.  I was hot and sweaty and winded, but my legs didn’t burn the way they used to, my breathing was a lot more steady than it has been.  I was fully expecting to be insanely sore on Sunday, but I wasn’t.  In one run, all my excuses no longer seem relevant, except this weather.  Still not dedicated enough to run in the snow…

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