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Surrounded by Incredibly Strong Women

Yesterday morning I was at TRX bright and early per my usual Thursday morning routine.  For the most part, the people in the class are the same week to week which is great!  We all get comfortable with one another and get to know a little bit about each other.  One woman said the other day she felt it necessary to learn all our names sine she sweats with us 2 times a week.

Yesterday was the usual group, plus or minus a couple people.  As we were doing forward lunges with a chest press with the rip trainers, I realized in my group (we are broken down into 2 groups and alternate cardio and resistance bands) I was the youngest.  Not only the youngest, but the youngest by about 25 years or more. 

To my left was a woman I know is in her mid 60’s (I know this because as she was running several feet ahead of me this fall she mentioned her birthday).  She is in amazing physical condition.  While I struggled to push on without stopping for a break, she made it look easy.

To my right, a woman who I would guess to be in her late 50’s.  She can do burpee circles around me.  Of the 4 women in my group, I was the youngest, in the other group of 5, there was one woman I would guess to be around my age, and all of these lovely ladies push me to work harder.  They are so strong and fierce.  I can only hope that 25 years from now I’m as strong and capable as these beautiful women.  One came in to TRX after an hour swimming, another I see on a regular basis on the cardio equipment before class.  As a twenty-something I strive to be as athletic as these amazing ladies. 


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Couldn’t Do It Without Him

I’ve bragged in the past about how lucky I am to have my amazing husband in my life.  He has been so supportive along the way on my weight loss journey and his role has gotten even more important over the last couple of weeks. 

Our 4 year old started Pre-K this fall.  I was a little nervous it might make my workout schedule hard to keep on track.  He has to e at school in the morning at 8.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have TRX from 6:30-7:15. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday, he gets up and gets our oldest ready for school, gets our youngest breakfast (the other eats at school), gets both boys dressed, gets himself ready for work and allows me to hop in the shower when I get home so we can be out the door by 7:45.  He also holds down the fort on Monday’s while I work all day (it’s his day off) and never complains that I don’t come home until 6:30 so I can do zumba after work.  When I get home, both boys have been fed and there’s usually dinner waiting for me when I walk through the door.  Not all husbands are as supportive and willing to take on the role that mine does.  If it wasn’t for him making sure everything is being done at home, I would feel guilty with every workout, or not have time to squeeze it in at all. 

Last night was a rough night with our youngest.  For some reason, Mr. Man didn’t want to sleep at all.  My husband got up and took him out in the living room where he spent the entire night so I could sleep.  He knew I had TRX this morning, so instead of coming in to wake me up so we could take turns, he just did it, no questions asked and no complaints.  I’m a lucky lady.  While the oldest was at school, I took a nap with the youngest.  It’s my turn to be up all night tonight.


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