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Diet Sabotage

So I have to admit it, these past few weeks have been a major struggle for me as far as diet goes.  My exercise is spot on, but my diet is a whole nother story.

A few weeks ago I lost another point on my Weight Watchers diet.  It seems like ever since then, I can’t seem to stay within my daily points.  You might not think that 1 point wouldn’t make that much difference, but for me, it obviously does.

I have often wondered how people can get so close to their goal weight, and then start gaining, and while the number on the scale has not gone up, I feel like it is only a matter of time.  Not that I’m doing it on purpose, by any means.  I have stuck so closely to the diet since October.  I have followed the plan to the letter, eating as few of my activity points and flex points as possible.

I’m considering a week long break.  Maybe taking a week to take the worry out of my life as suggested by my doctor.  Not a week to go crazy, but a week to take some of the pressure off myself.  Maybe a week to eat all my activity and all my flex points so I don’t fall completely off the wagon then have to fight my way back on.

I’m a little lost.  I’m afraid if I don’t allow myself a week of relaxation on my diet, I’ll end up straying from it entirely and going crazy.  But then I’m afraid if I allow myself a controlled fall, it will be just the beginning.  AHHHH!

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25 more pounds to wedding weight

I was in my closet this afternoon and the dress  wore at our rehearsal dinner was hanging in the back.  It caught my eye and I thought, why not?  I’ll try it on.  To my surprise, it fit!  It wasn’t as loose as it was in 2007, but still, it fit!


Took this photo this afternoon in the dress I wore the night before our wedding


At our rehearsal dinner in 2007

That got me thinking, and I realized, I’m only about 25-30 pounds away from where I was when we got married almost 6 years ago!  I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about it until now!

By October, (our anniversary month) I could, and really should be to that weight or even lower!

It seemed like such a huge task when I started in October of this year.  When I was thinking about what my goal weight was going to be, I thought there was no way I was going to be able to lose 110 pounds (my goal weight is 150 and I started at 162).  At my lightest I weighed in in the 140’s, but that was before I had 2 children and that was 8-9 years ago.  I didn’t have any faith in myself that I would or could get back there again.  Now with 48 pounds gone, it doesn’t seem so impossible.  In fact it seems to be just within reach. My overall goal weight is less than 65 pounds away!

Since October I have lost more than 48 pounds and just in the last 3 weeks I’ve lost more than 7!  With that said, I’m more than confident I will be pre-marriage weight by our 6th anniversary and that makes me more excited than words could ever say!

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